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Cultural adventure on Texel.Maximum 15 people.

We will pick you up in style from the TESO boat on time. You step on a sturdy E-Scooter that is ready charged. You drive the beautifully marked route. This will take you past the Aviation and War Museum. Lunch is ready at Grand Café Het Plein. This way you can explore Texel further. You'll stop along the way to answer quiz questions at the sights. At the Beachcombers Museum you will discover Texel in your own unique way. And then it's time for a snack; grated chips in the woods. Then you bring the E-Scooter back. The Taxi is ready for the next destination; the TESO boat or your further program.

Sporty adventure on Texel.Maximum 30 people.

The start of the Texel adventure starts with the TESO boat. You will be picked up and taken to the Nollekoog 5. There you get on your own E-Scooter. You drive to the first activity; a boot camp on the beach or in the woods. Then you drive to Grand Café Het Plein where lunch is waiting for you. Then you drive to Climbing Park Texel. The safest way to climb and reach great heights. You will then drive back to us via a unique route across Texel. And from there your transport is ready for a follow-up.

Team building on Texel.Maximum 15 people.

Team building starts on Texel. We pick up you and your team from the TESO boat. You arrive at the Nollekoog where your adventure begins. You get on our beautiful E-Scooters. And after a short explanation, it's time for real collaboration. A Beach escape on Texel. Do you take on the tension and challenge, do you get out of the puzzles? Work together, join forces. And when you are through, lunch will be ready at Grand Café Het Plein to evaluate together which talents you have as a team. Then we go for an ultimate speed kick. At high speed you enter the Wadden Sea. You get even more out of that. And can you experience together to work together quickly. Then you bring the E-Scooters back to us via a nice route on Texel. The closing barbecue on location brings peace and time to evaluate the day.

Tailor-made company outing.Number of persons in consultation.

Whether you want to go on an adventure on Texel with family, friends and/or colleagues. We know where to go. We work together with our friends on Texel. Together we ensure an unforgettable time. We take care of your outing from A to Z. No worries, just enjoy. We are happy to arrange all access for you. Contact us and we will fill in your day.

Great fun to do and good for the environment!

Discover Texel sustainably on one of our cool Scooters.

It's always windy on Texel! Although the island is beautiful to discover by bicycle, it often requires a lot of energy. On one of our electric scooters you can brave the wind without any problems and you can visit all the highlights and sights in a relaxed way.

Our E-Scooters do not emit any CO2. Not only enjoy the surroundings in a quiet way, but also good for the environment!

With a full battery and a range from 60 km you always arrive anywhere. Whatever your adventure on Texel may be.

You are not obliged to wear a helmet on our E-Scooters. Let your hair flutter in the wind!

We inspect our E-Scooters daily for quality and defects. This way you are always assured of a safely working E-Scooter.

Maximum customer satisfaction.

With our high customer rating of 9.7 on average, we guarantee that your stay will be unforgettable.

Personal service and quality.

Our personal service is unique because a deal is a deal with us. No surprises afterwards.

Fantastic unique E-Scooters.

No boring E-Scooters. Get on a cool E-Chopper or Café Cruiser.

Safety and security

Safety is our top priority. Your data, the payment and the tour are safe.

Anything for a smile!

At E-Scooters Texel
we go for 100% satisfaction.

We at E-Scooters Texel are on a mission. A mission to show everyone how beautiful it can be on Texel. We do this in a responsible way, while trying to save the environment. You happy, we happy and nature happy!

Guaranteed a fun experience or your money back!
We arrange your company outing from A to Z.

We ensure that you are completely unburdened.

From the moment you step off the boat, you and your colleagues will be picked up for the best company outing on Texel. You don't have to worry about anything, we've already arranged everything for you. You can relax and enjoy your adventure on Texel with your colleagues!

Guaranteed a fun experience or your money back!
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