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Rent a Café Cruiser on Texel. The Café Cruiser is a unique e-scooter to discover Texel. Experience the best of Texel and visit places where you can only come with an e-scooter. Go through the quiet areas with, for example, our cool Café Cruiser. According to our customers, the experience of cruising with an E-Scooter on Texel is fantastic. And share your amazing experience on social media.

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Explore Texel in style!

You can explore Texel in style. Choose an E-chopper or Café Cruiser. Rent your unique E-Scooter with us. And go on the adventure. Drive through the special nature, discover the beautiful sights on Texel. We are happy to assist you to make your experience on Texel fantastic. And make some new fun memories!

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Guaranteed a fun experience or your money back!

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With our high customer rating of 9.7 on average, we guarantee that your stay will be unforgettable.

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Our personal service is unique because a deal is a deal with us. No surprises afterwards.

Fantastic unique E-Scooters.

No boring E-Scooters. Get on a cool E-Chopper or Café Cruiser.

Safety and security

Safety is our top priority. Your data, the payment and the tour are safe.

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we go for 100% satisfaction.

We at E-Scooters Texel are on a mission. A mission to show everyone how beautiful it can be on Texel. We do this in a responsible way, while trying to save the environment. You happy, we happy and nature happy!

Guaranteed a fun experience or your money back!

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Guaranteed a fun experience or your money back!